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It Started as a Website

by Lee Bofkin

promoting my projects and collaborations

Lee in a Freeze


Hello and welcome to my website. My name's Lee Bofkin and I'm passionate about many things. On this page you'll find some clips of me bboying (breakdancing), interviewing bboys and running around London in a gorilla suit. I also photograph graffiti, write for Sense Magazine in LA and produce original designs and artwork. For more information, including new ideas for collaborations, please contact me at: myfirstnamemylastname at gmail dot com.



I redefine the word charisma. By redefining it as being born in a small village north of London in 1980, I can claim to be one of the most charismatic men alive. Now successfully alive for 28 years, I have been writing ever since I learnt the alphabet. My first words, ‘cat’ and ‘mum’, were praised by both teachers and family members.

After writing several other words, including ‘camel’ and ‘wingnut’, I realized that words alone were not enough and had to find more ways to express myself. My passions are many, covering: art (producing original designs and photography), writing (both books and for Sense magazine in LA), music and dance (MC-ing and bboying / breakdance), business (investment and strategy) and organizing events. Many projects and a PhD later I find myself here, writing the text for my website. Truly remarkable.

Samples of my work are available, including transcripts of talks I have given over the past years. I maintain an extensive electronic library on a broad number of topics and am happy to share information. I also have a delicious barbecue chicken pizza in the oven (accurate at the time of writing) and am happy to talk about collaborating on new and interesting ideas. The pizza may have been eaten by then.


You can reach me at: myfirstnamemylastname at gmail dot com.